“My name is Adam. Adam Wurm. Some people call me Ada, mum used to call me Adik and the kids in the neighbourhood behind the birch grove called me Worm. Wurm in German means worm and I am a gravedigger. I lived in a small house called the House of grief on the edge of the cemetery for a long time. The village set up a workshope there for me. Right next to the House of grief stood the ceremony room where I sometimes opened the casket to look if the deceased were really dead or  if they were just playing. I never talked to people except for the ones I was burrying. However they never responded. I guess I was only good for digging their graves. 

When I turned fourty (I don´t really know how old I was because I don´t have a birth certificate but Honzek Lánský who used to come over to my place to get drunk said to me one day „you are fourty and we have to celebrate“), so when I was celebrating the 40th birthday, the next day the body of a young woman, the daughter of the mayor, was found lying behing the cemetery wall. And she was dead. Next week they found Leo, the son of the local blacksmith, then landholder´s Eva…maybe 10 victims in half a year.

I was the star witness because I know about everything that happens around the cemetery. The old hag Mrs. Herrmannová was always cleaning the tombstones, I have a feeling that she was also stealing from the graves and someone might have caught her and that was it. She was strong enough judging by her size. She could have definitely been a killer. I don´t think it was Honzek because his hands were too shaky. Majer used to také long walks in the cemetery apparently looking for inspiration while writing his poetry. I once saw him making out under the arbor. And what about the hulk Kruml. Even I was afraid of him. He managed to escape from jali where he was being held for beating his wife after he found out she was having an affair. Then there were two unkept men, Bernát and Bor. They never stopped asking who is burried where, where his family is…it was a little odd. Our organist Dorch would often bring young girls into the ceremony room. Who knows what he was doing with them in there. And the weeper Mrs. Mouralová. She was never absent from a single burrial. And she was just a common landlady who could keep everybody in line.

None were ever charged and one day Honzek came to tell me to run away because people were coming for me. So I packed only my essentials and left”.

What did the people find in the House of grief when they got there? Do you have the courage to look inside? Can you escape in 73 minutes? And figure out who the murderer was? Was it really Adam or Mrs. Herrmannová, the alcoholic Honzek Lánský, strange Bernát and Bor, the hulk Kruml, the poet Majer, the organist Dorch or landlady Mouralová? There will be a search for keys and the decyphering of clues in Adam´s authentic setting from the last century. Hopefully you have what it takes to find out what happened and  escape.

Welcome to our first, hopefully not last, escape room – the house of grief.

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