LostExit is a Czech-Slovakian project that was created as a response to the increased demand for interesting leasure time activities. Our small team is among the generation of people who are still keen on trying new things as well as a combination of experiences from different fields and it would be a shame not to utilize it to entertain others.

The reason we became interested in escape rooms is because of the connection of demands on creative thinking of the players, stress formed by the time limit and an environment that evokes a feeling of authenticity. It is not just about finding your way out of the locked room but mainly about escaping the reality surrounding most people from the time they wake up until falling asleep again in the evening.

Are you under the impression that logic, perception and decision making under a time pressure can be practiced only through computer games? Perhaps there is also another way you can get the chance to know yourself and your colleagues and friends in a different situation from your daily routine. Come play with us. We offered you the first of its kind  –  The House of Grief since 2016 to 2020. Now you have a chance to play our second game – Strange School. If you decide to visit us, don´t forget to click on the Reservation and Contacts tabs.


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