Strange School – a mystery waiting to be uncovered!

Do you have courage to entry the building of the Strange School and solve its old secret?
Become a team of detectives and bring proof of what happened at school on that fateful day more than 60 years ago!

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This game is not suitable for children under 12 years and children under 15 years have to be accompanied by adults!

Located on a small hill in the village of Malá Lhota, you can’t miss the school building, where local children attended. The paint on its walls is peeling off and all the windows are boarded up preventing curious passers-by from looking inside. In a small classroom into which no sunbeam penetrates, there are still three rows of benches, a teacher’s desk, a blackboard, an abacus, and a small bookcase. Elsewhere, they would close such school, but it still stands in Malá Lhota today and survives as a silent witness to remember the fateful moments on April 8, 1958. It’s called a “strange school”. It’s probably not because teachers here have passed on knowledge to young pupils in need of special care, but because this place acts as a reminder of the strange things that have happened in the school.

Mrs. Nora Pátková took care of the pupils’ education. She was a thirty-year-old firm woman, a graduate of the Teacher Training Institute in Kroměříž. No one even knew why she had come to Malá Lhota in the summer of 1948. Until then, Mrs. Alžběta Ruppertová and her husband took care of the children at school. However, it was not desirable for them to continue to teach. Mr. Ruppert became a janitor and died of a heart attack in 1952. Alžběta blamed everyone around her for her husband’s death. In order to keep a small apartment in the school building, she took over her husband’s work and provided cleaning and maintenance services for the school, that she didn’t like very much.

If a casual visitor would come here in the day after Easter, April 8, 1958, shortly after 10:30 a. m., he would be surprised that there is no teaching of Czech language, but a grave silence fell over the school. There was nobody in the classroom. Only a few sweaters in the hallway revealed that children must have come here. Where have the pupils Josefína Plánková, Jan Čermák, Terezie Krondlová, Františka Joštová, Bedřich Lončák and Růžena Hornová gone? And what happened to the teacher?

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